Anhui Aegis Safety Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional safety footwear manufacturer and supplier, with more than 35 years safety footwear production experience, main markets including Europe, Americas, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and Australia. Our products meet the quality standard of CE, ASTM, CSA, ANSI, we have full range CE certificates. 

A Short Story of this Chinese Guy and His Company

In 1995, George Mao gained his Bachelor of Economics degree from Anhui University. Then, he began his 8-year international trading work at Anhui Light Industrial I/E Company (ALIC).

As a Senior Marketing Manager, George has known a large number of business partners from all over the world. However, he gradually realized that his company -though good at cooperating with big companies overseas- usually failed to provided its small business partners with a customized service.

With his rich experience in shoes industry and abundant partner factories that he has worked with since last century, he is one of the most resourceful persons in this field. Besides, he is confident to manage the whole business chains, including reliable materials, machines, workers, production technology, quality control, logistics, and of course, a wide range of prices to meet different market requirements of clients.

Therefore, in 2003 George decided to start his own company Anhui Aegis Safety Technology Co., Ltd., that could provide his customers with a more customized service from the scale and time of production to the designs and functions of products.

In 2006, George’s company took over a professional safety shoes factory which running more than 22 years. Soon, he has had more clients (both big companies and individual businessmen) from different countries in Europe, Americas, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and Australia. He and his staff with their typical Chinese personality, hard-working, careful thought, are trusted by clients as a long-term efficient supplier and reliable partner.

He named his company, AEGIS, the shield of Zeus, meaning that the safety shoes he provides are the strongest protections for workers. He gained this idea from the Olympus Guardian, a cartoon that his daughter used to watch a lot.

Today, he hopes to find new business partners and explore more opportunities of win-win business.  If you have any interest or question, please don’t hesitate to contact him.